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Frequently Asked Questions is backed by ADA Ocean Australia and developed by Casey Gibson.

What is

ADATools is a multi Cardano toolkit that brings most of the common features that the Cardano community uses into one location. We have big plans and we will be adding more tools and making improvements in the coming months.

What does ADATools want to achieve?

We want to help the Cardano community as much as possible any way we can. Whether it’s a pool operator, a pool delegator or someone who’s simply interested in learning more about Cardano. If we’ve helped someone, somehow, then we have achieved our goal.

Why is some data different from other dashboards?

ADATools uses the official cardano-graphql as it’s backbone, which sits on top of the widely used cardano-db-sync framework. These two frameworks extract all the Cardano data from the raw blockchain and allows us to query the data in real time. While the data we use is reasonably accurate, there are some differences in interpretation compared to other platforms.

While we believe the cardano-graphql and cardano-db-sync frameworks are well maintained, we can’t guarantee their accuracy. This could be due to uncaught developer bugs or unforeseen service outages. As always, the data displayed on ADATools should be used as a guide and not as financial or any other type of advice.

What makes ADATools different?

While most of the raw data should be the same as other Cardano explorer platforms, there are a number of aspects that are different, particularly from an operational view.

No ranking system

1. ADATools has chosen not to create any ranking system as we believe that all Cardano Stake Pools should be displayed factually and without influence. Pool information is displayed in a way that gives all pools a random chance of being shown, however the user can sort pool information based on facts (such as pledge amount).

2. Factual information is displayed in a way that helps the end user know that something might be an issue. For example, a pool with a high margin will yield a lower return for the user, so this is flagged. The margin value doesn’t affect the pools chance of being display.

We are more than a pool tool

The Cardano framework is more than operating pools, so our focus is more than helping a user choose a pool. We’ve tried to add as many basic tools to begin with. We’ll add more tools over the coming months.


Accuracy / External data:

While we aim to provide data in as raw form and as accurately as possible, we can’t make any guarantees nor will take any responsibility for any inaccurate information. A number of factors can influence the accuracy of data, such as block chain sync issues, unknown bugs in the ADATools software, the software that ADATools uses from third parties, or data provided to ADATools.


Please do not assume that all information provided by ADATools is up to date or accurate. ADATools should be used as a guide and not used for financial or any other form of advice.


ADATools is built on modern frameworks and tools that make use of common security practices. While we have taken steps to secure our apps and services, we can’t make guarantees and will not accept responsibility for any loss or damages from misuse by you or others. ADATools should be used as a guide and not as a service that could lead to financial a decision.

ADATools can be used to verify that an address has received a transaction, or that a pool hash matches a ticker that can be compared with another verified wallet, such as Daedalus.

All links provided on the website should be checked carefully. For example, website links for a pool are provided by the pool owner. These URLs are extracted from the blockchain and have not been verified or checked for any malicious intent / activities.

How can you support ADATools?

ADATools is developed and supported by ADA Ocean Australia. We do not have any other affiliates or connections with any other pool operators or companies. To support the long-term development and running of, we ask that you please consider delegating to our pool:

ADA Ocean Australia [AOAUS]

Pool ID: pool1twd9vvegn3fqq0f4n08p3aml2ud8q87njs49900rycj4sr5hhcy

Hash: 5b9a5633289c52003d359bce18f77f571a701fd3942a52bde3262558

Suggestions / feedback and technical support

We welcome all feedback and suggestions for improving our apps and services. Message us on Twitter and we can try and help as much as possible.

If you require technical support or you believe there is an issue / inaccuracy with, please create an issue on our GitHub page: We may not be able to respond immediately, but we will try to have your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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ADATools is a Blockchain Explorer and Analytics Platform for Cardano, a third-generation, energy efficient, decentralized smart contracts platform.

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